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How can a student portfolio help you?

There are several resources available to help students on their journey to a dream career. A student portfolio is used to give employers an example of academic achievement and personal or professional accomplishments. A student portfolio can help an applicant to stand out against other candidates when it comes to getting a job.

Decide what the purpose of your portfolio is, this will keep you focused when putting your portfolio together. Consider the type of career that you are aiming for, any addition to your portfolio should be relevant to this industry. Don’t go overboard and add every piece of work that you have ever completed, stick to the best examples of your work.

At university/college/school, you will accumulate essays, exam papers, memberships and letters of recommendation. At the end of your education, all of these documents can be arranged in a logical way to provide employers with a detailed overview of your education. Having all of this information at your disposal can help you to write a powerful CV, giving you the opportunity to differentiate from the competition.

The more unique your portfolio is, the more that you will stand out. Highlight important information with graphics, photographs or timelines. Showcase creativity or musical ability with videos, CDs or DVDs and include samples of essays, reports or articles to provide evidence of your writing skills. Ensure that everything that is included in your portfolio is relevant to the career you want or the job you are interviewing for.

A student portfolio helps you to improve your self-evaluation skills and makes you reflect and develop. This can help when it comes to the interview process as you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

It is important that your student portfolio represents you, that’s the whole point of a portfolio after all. That’s why it is important to not only think about the content of your portfolio but the design too. At Metro Repro, we offer a range of student printing services and deliver a high-quality finish with a quick turnaround, you can even upload your files straight to our website! Contact our team on 0191 261 132, use our contact form or email print@metrorepro.co.uk.



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