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Professional Poster Printing – Stand Out from the Crowd

Done properly, a poster can build brand awareness, generate customers or successfully promote an event or offer but with so many businesses using posters to advertise, how can you make sure that your poster stands out? You may think that creating an eye-catching poster is simple, but actually, it’s much more difficult than you may think to design a professional, on-brand poster.

Your poster should have a clear aim and include all of the necessary information in an eye-catching way while targeting your key demographic – not so simple after all. Once you have created the perfect design, you need to be sure that it is properly prepared for the printing process. After all, you don’t want to spend time designing a poster that, when printed, is of low quality.

When it comes to colour, you want it to be as vibrant as possible, that’s why we recommend working in CMYK rather than RGB. RGB is great for digital designs as screens and monitors use RGB as standard. However, most professional printing companies use CMYK. If you print something in CMYK that was created in RGB, then the colours can become much duller and flatter than you expected.

Your poster will have no chance of being noticed if it is blurry or fuzzy. A crisp, clean design is determined by resolution. Simply put, an image is made up of “dots”, the more dots-per-image (DPI), the higher the resolution and therefore the higher the quality of the image. Anything that you intend to print should be no less than 300DPI. At Metro Repro, we can print posters of nearly any size, including A0, so ensure that your poster dimensions are correct before sending to print, if you’re not sure on the right size then get in touch.

After all of this time, effort and expense the last thing that you want to see on your printed poster is a spelling error. Take the time to spell check your work before printing, have a few people to take a look at it over the course of a few days to ensure that there are no silly mistakes.

At Metro Repro, we use the latest technology to produce high definition photographic quality prints. We also have a new range of budget posters; they provide a more economical alternative with the same high quality that you would expect.  Drop in and see us or simply upload your file to our site and if you’re in a rush, don’t worry! Our lightning quick service means that you can have your finished product within the hour. Contact our team on 0191 261 1320, use our contact form or email print@metrorepro.co.uk.

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