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Why it’s a good idea to have multiple CVs

We are living in a time where being multi-talented is the norm than an exception. You may supervise, write and even dabble in marketing. Should you showcase all these skills in your CV?

Absolutely not.

A resume that shows you as a jack of all trades might not be effective. Sure, it is good to have multiple skills but they may all not be relevant to the role you are applying for.

Let’s say, you are applying for a managerial position. You have years of experience in copywriting, yet the recruiter may not consider your resume because you mentioned skills that are not relevant to the profile.

When applying for jobs, it is crucial to submit a resume for that specific role. This will keep you from applying for hundreds of jobs without seeing any fruitful results. If you don’t change your resume for each role, you are making a huge mistake. This will only discourage you further

Here are some other reasons why you should have multiple CVs.

Applying for a Specific Role in Your Industry

You should have a standard resume for your dream role or target industry.

You may aspire to work in marketing at a media company but your point of entry might be a job as a copywriter.

Instead of showcasing your marketing experience, highlight all the experience and skills that will help you bag the role as a copywriter.

Applying for Different roles in Your Industry

You can use your jack of all trades resume when you are applying for different roles. Some companies or roles demand versatility but be sure to highlight the experience that’s relevant to the job you aspire for. It’s a good idea to list out some transferable skills that will help you stand out from others.

Applying for a Role in a Different Industry

In such cases, think of all the qualifications or skills you have that match with the profile of the position you are applying for. A new industry might even demand a completely unique format for your CV, so be sure to seek the help of a professional with expertise in the new industry to create your resume.

CV Printing Services in North East

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