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Top Tips for an Office Refurbishment

A successful office refurbishment project can help achieve some stunning results. Whether you are looking to improve your brand image, use the available space more efficiently or want to accommodate more employees, an office refurbishment has fantastic potential.

Through our poster printing and canvas printing services in Newcastle, we have helped many businesses complement their office refurbishment project with a makeover to their marketing campaign.

Here are some of our top tips to consider for office refurbishment.

Emphasise natural light

Natural light is crucial to the appeal and efficiency of your workplace. It is known to improve brain activity as well as employee happiness, which results in higher productivity.

So be sure to make the most of any source of natural source of light present in your office space rather than installing a lot of artificial lighting. Using mirrored and reflective surfaces can help reflect natural light throughout the space.

Invest in high-quality ergonomic furniture

Choose ergonomic products of the highest quality to improve the comfort level of your employees. While budget desks and chairs may seem like an efficient way to cut your costs, it’s a false economy.

Most office workers spend more than 40 hours a week at the workplace, most of which is spent sitting in front of computer screens.

Ergonomic furniture is known to boost productivity whilst reducing absenteeism.

Choose the right colours

Colour is extremely important in the workplace and the office refurbishment project offers the perfect opportunity to improve your workplace.

Colours help create the right impression on clients and visitors. For instance, black is associated with professionalism and reliability, and is an excellent choice for an office space.

If you are not sure which colour would be right for your workplace, refer to your logo and website for inspiration. Using these colours can help create a consistent, uniform experience.

Create informal break-out areas

One efficient way to give your employees a break from their office space is to create an informal break-out area where they can interact with their colleagues.

Break-out spaces are not only beneficial to the well-being of your employees but they also allow teams to interact and overcome challenges together. These break-out areas may prove useful in the kitchen area, allowing employees to socialise during lunch breaks, which can foster team spirit.

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