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The Benefits & Effectiveness of Leaflet Distribution

Leaflets have been around for so long; we tend to think of them as old-fashioned marketing tools. However, many of the modern marketing techniques are no match for this solid, impressive marketing strategy that still manages to capture the attention of the public.

Tangible Marketing Tool

Unlike emails that can go unnoticed or sent to the trash bin without a second look, leaflets are tangible and long-lasting solid materials that stay around your target audience. A professionally designed and attractive leaflet can promote your product more effectively.

Localised Marketing

If your product or service is aimed at the local audience, you need advertising that caters to them directly. Leaflets can do the job more efficiently than digital or other advertising media as you are more interested in engaging a specific group of consumers.

Generates Leads Easily

Leaflet distribution can happen really fast and generating leads is speedy as people respond to announcements on the leaflets. Many small businesses, shops and services have benefitted immensely by announcing their in-house events, sales and exhibitions using leaflets.

Add Giveaways

Are you thinking of sample promotions for your product? Do you want to give your target audience coupons or incentives for buying your products and services? Adding giveaways such as discount codes, coupons, invitations, contests and event details to your leaflets or incorporating them in the leaflet design will give you immense marketing reach.


Leaflet designing costs are low and leaflet printing in North East comes at affordable prices with Metro Repro. Leaflet printing and distribution costs work out to a fraction of what you would be spending on other forms of advertising. In addition, the response rates for leaflets are very high. So, you have a clear winner on your hands when you choose leaflets to advertise your brand.

Metro Repro for your Leaflet Printing in North East

Get in touch with us at Metro Repro for all your leaflet printing work. We give you the perfect combination of quality and service at the best prices. Choose top-quality paper options, high-resolution printing, leaflet sizes and leaflet folding options.

Need help with designing your next leaflet or flyer for your brand promotion? Talk to our design team. Need speedy printing of leaflets in time for your next event? Connect with us right away. Metro Repro has been serving customers for all printing and supplies for over 46 years. We are only too happy to help with all your queries.

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