Create the perfect poster

A poster can be a fantastic way to capture peoples’ attention. Placed in the correct location, you have the opportunity to target a huge audience that you may not usually have access to, but only if your posters design grabs peoples’ attention. Posters are unique in that they are placed in busy public areas, unlike other mass marketing materials. That’s why the team at Metro Repro wanted to share some design tips to help your poster stand out.

The content

Contrary to what you may think, when it comes to content – less is definitely more. Posters are there to grab peoples’ attention, but once that is done you won’t be able to hold it for long. Give them a short, snappy message. Images and graphics are the perfect way to attract the eye and an easy way to get your message across.

The font size and style

A poster is useless if you have to be up close to read it. Large A1 or A0 posters should be legible from 4-6 feet away, A4 – A2 posters from 1-2 feet away. Your takeaway points should be in a large font so that people will see these first. Posters are not the correct format to be subtle, use high contrast colours and make it easy to read, avoid long confusing word. Using a bold font may seem like a good idea but reading a paragraph completely in bold can actually be a strain on the eyes, use a bold font to highlight main details like names, dates or locations. Using a variety of fonts can help to break up your design.

The layout

Consider how your audience conventionally reads, most of the western world read and write from the left of the page to the right. Keep this in mind when it comes to the design of your poster. Your layout should encourage the reader to flow through the content naturally; you shouldn’t need the assistance of arrows to lead the reader’s eye.

Once you have the perfect poster design, then you need it to be printed on a superior material. At Metro Repro we use the latest technology to print posters in sizes up to A0 and beyond, we can print on a range of media’s such as photo satin, gloss, matt paper even adhesive vinyl and artist canvas, we can help your posters stand out. We can even offer a lightning quick service if you are in a rush. If you want to find out how we can help you, contact us on 0191 261 1320, use our contact form or email

Top tips for your business brochure

If you are attending networking events, conferences, business fairs or any other business events, chances are that you will be handing out company information. People like having something to read and a business brochure is a great resource to help you leave a positive, memorable impression.

Compared to other promotional marketing materials like flyers and posters, a brochure has a different goal, grabbing people’s attention is no longer the main objective. Instead, a brochure gives you the opportunity to give an in-depth view of your business and what you can offer.

Ensure that all of your marketing materials align with the brand image. Banks are trying to appear more approachable and so they have dropped the stiff, corporate image and opted for something more casual. Your choice of colour has a lot to do with how your image is seen, this can be a controversial issue but your brain has pre-conceived ideas about associations of colour. Pastel colours are thought of as soft and romantic, earthy tones are associated with eco-friendly businesses and the colour red is linked to power.

A brochure is a huge influence on your customer so it is your chance to sell so make sure you include your USP, this is what makes you stand out against the competition. Make it clear to the reader why they should choose you and not a competitor. Shout about the benefits of your business, the low cost, the great customer service or the unique products/services but don’t belittle the competition, it makes you look petty and unprofessional.

A brochure is used to tell existing and potential clients about your business, it is not the best tool to sell new products/services. You can use a brochure to re-engage old customers or inform people that you are moving into a new sector, but choose one main focus, don’t try and cover everything in one brochure it will become fussy and confusing.

While the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” may be true, we can’t help but be attracted to some covers over others, this is also true of your brochure. The front cover needs to pique your reader’s interest, think of your target audience and what they would want to see.

Your brochure should not only make sense grammatically but logically too. There’s no point going into detail about your products if the reader doesn’t know what your business does. Give details about your company and background, give the reader information about your previous experience and achievements, and give examples where appropriate.

Once you have created an eye-catching brochure, you need the finish to be just as eye-catching. At Metro Repro we can print your design on a range of media and in standard or custom sized paper. If you’re looking fo-r a luxury finish then you can choose one of three standard finishes, Gloss, Silk or uncoated. Let us help you create a professional, quality brochure to suit your requirements. Contact us on 0191 261 1320, use our contact form or email