Make your leaflets work for you

In 2016 more and more companies are online and the majority rely on online marketing to attract new custom, this type of climate means that the power of printed marketing has never been more important. Leaflets can be a great way to easily target a large number of prospective clients. A lot of companies have seen the benefits of using printed marketing to promote their business, however there are a number of ways to stand out from the competition.

Attending Events

Attending events is a great way of networking, distributing business cards is considered the norm however issuing leaflets with your cards can further target potential customers. Here at Metro Repro we can print your leaflets in any size, meaning you can make them small enough to fit into a pocket so they can be taken away. With over 30 years of printing experience in supplying printed marketing we are confident that we will satisfy your requirements.

Door-to-Door Distribution

Perhaps the most common form of leafleting and possibly the best way to get your message across to a large number of potential clients in a very quick way is by door-to-door distribution. An eye-catching design with a clear, concise message will help you stand out.

Ensure that the content of your leaflet is clear, easy to read and well written. The design should be professional and simple, too many words or pictures can make the design too crowded and put any potential customers off. Think about the paper you are using too; a good quality paper will give the impression that you are offering a high standard service/product. Metro Repro offer a wide choice of paper with many customisation options to give your leaflets a professional finish.

Pricing information

Whatever your business, customers like to see a list of prices or services. If a customer has this information, then it turns your leaflet into a permanent marketing tool and they will refer back to it in the future.

Look for any opportunity to distribute your leaflets, if you are sending products or information out then add in a leaflet, a high quality leaflet will always grab attention. Customers always like to hear about new business and like to be kept informed. Metro repro offer newsletter printing options, a monthly or quarterly newsletter can be a great way to build loyalty with clients and improve brand awareness and the inclusion of a leaflet with a newsletter enhances your company’s image.

Metro Repro print on premium quality paper, using a high resolution press which brings your artwork to life. We achieve the clearest, sharpest colours and design. We offer a same day turn around and a 1-hour collection open if you are in a rush. Contact us on 0191 261 1320 or email us and we will be happy to discuss your printed marketing requirements.