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Leaving a Memorable Mark with your Customers

We are in a time were buying from businesses online is everything, that is why, as a business it is important to leave a strong impression on your customers. We believe your packaging is a great place to start.

Packaging is a great way to show off your brand while showcasing your products, and can become something your customers will want to share with others.

Here are just some tips that can help you leave that memorable mark with your customers.

Choose the right packaging

Whenever you are sending something out for post, you need to make sure that your product is protected. If something arrives damaged that will leave a bad impression straight away and could lead to more returns.

Depending on your packaging it can also play a part in how much you charge for shipping, as jiffy bags will cost less compared to a cardboard box.

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure that you save money where you can, that is why it can be beneficial to order packaging samples with suppliers. To make sure you cover different bases, order 3 to 4 sizes so you will always be prepared for customer orders.

Making sure your brand shines

Once your customer orders from you, they will be eagerly awaiting the time it comes through their door. That is why if you have the option to get your logo printed on your packaging, go for it!

Get creative with your packaging, choose bright colours to help your packaging stand out from the rest. If custom boxes are too expensive, don’t worry there are other ways, you could even get some tape printed with your logo onto it.

Giving your customers the perfect unboxing experience

Having the perfect unboxing can be brilliant if you want something your customers can share with others. We are in a time when people love to post their recent purchases and to post videos of unboxing experiences.

Offering discounts on their next orders can help with repeat orders, and can be a great way to reinforce customer loyalty.

Add a personal message, if you are a small business owner adding a handwritten note can be a cheap and easy way to create a human connection.

Including a freebie can be great, and an unexpected gift. Stickers can be one of those gifts that will also be easy and cheaper to make in bulk. The sticker could be of your logo or even related to the product they have ordered. Metro Repro offer sticker printing services that are done high quality and can be tailored to you and your business needs.

If you are interested in any of the services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who would be happy to help.

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