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Impress with embossing

Embossing is a very popular print finish that has been around for centuries. One of the simpler finishes, it can make your work stand out (literally!) Embossing works with the text and design that you already have. It is a process that creates a raised, 3D design and can be applied to logos, text or images. A similar effect, known as debossing, creates a similar design but the surface is depressed rather than raised.

Embossing can be done “blind”, meaning that just the paper/card texture is used; or you can emboss with foil. Either method can be highly effective and take your project to the next level. Two metal dies are used in the process, one has a raised surface the other has a recessed, or mating, surface. The two dies fit together perfectly. Your chosen media, is placed between the two dies and heat and pressure are applied. The paper/card fibres permanently reshape to take the design. The process leaves you with a raised, textured and elegant design.

Embossing can be very effective but don’t over-do it. If you emboss your whole design, then the effect will be lost. Carefully choose which aspects of your design you want to emboss, it may be your company logo or your business name but whatever it is, make sure that the design is not too intricate and isn’t made up of too many fine lines. AS the design becomes more and more detailed, it becomes more and more difficult to emboss effectively.

Embossing can be used on a whole host of promotional materials. A lot of your materials will be used to make a great first impression and embossing can give you the edge above competitors. From office stationery and thank you cards to business cards and leaflets, let your business materials reflect your smart and professional image.

At Metro Repro, we offer numerous print options and finishes, if you want to take your work to the next level then speak with us and discuss your options. Contact our team on 0191 261 1320, use our online contact form or email print@metrorepro.co.uk

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