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How to Make the Perfect Business Card

Even though with every passing day the world is becoming more focused on promoting themselves online, traditional business cards will never go out of fashion.

To some people it might seem like a waste of time and easy enough to put your logo on a piece of card to hand out, it takes skill to make sure it is done right.

The right business card can help enhance your business presence to other business you meet, by handing out your business card you are actively doing something productive.

However, it is one thing to have a business card, another to one that looks the part. We have come together and thought of 5 tips to creating the perfect business card.

Know the purpose of your business card

This covers the way the card looks, but also the information written on the card relies on what the owner wants the card to do.

Some business owners may be selective who gets their phone number, and instead just include their email. However other people may think that anything is alright as long as the card serves the purpose of offering information about them.

A business card that is for job seekers will look and have different information on it compared to a business’ business card.

Keeping it simple

You need to make sure that firstly your card is readable. Stay away from designs that are cluttered and make it impossible to see where important information is.

The font choice is also very important as not everyone can easily read handwritten style fonts.

Focus on clearly illustrating who you are, what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

Ensure your contact information is correct

A business card that has the wrong information on it, is useless to potential employers and clients.

Make sure that your card has your current information, include several options on how people can reach you, as some people prefer to email, or have a talk over the phone.

Also never just scratch out your old address and write your new one next to it. If you change your number it is best to just print a new card as it will look unprofessional to others.  

Keep it professional

If you haven’t created a new email address since the one you had when you were 12, it’s time to start. Having an email address that may be funny to you, won’t be funny or professional to employers or businesses. Get straight to the point by just having your name or your businesses.

Another way to keep your card professional is to make sure it is clean and not folded. Don’t make it seem you just keep your card in your trouser pocket!

Be Creative

Graphic printers are getting more and more versatile with the shapes they can cut. So use this as an opportunity to try something new with your card. Not only will this look different, to clients it will stay in their mind and help them to remember your business.

If you are looking for a new business card for your business, then get in touch with our team who would be happy to discuss getting your card printed to the highest quality!

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