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How to Design a Business Card

In the digital age, many things may seem out of place. However, that’s not true of business cards. They have been in existence for over 100 years and they still play a huge role in brand recognition, networking, advertising and of course, sharing contact information.

A well-designed business card can leave a stunning impression on people and turn passing strangers into loyal customers.

In this post, our business card printing team in the North East shares our top tips for designing a business card.

Design to Impress

First impressions are everything. Your business card will speak a lot about you and your brand. Every little aspect of your business card must be considered. It’s not just design but also the weight, the words, the feel, the texture and more.

Consider the Purpose of Your Business Card

A business card can play a variety of roles. So, it’s important to start by identifying what you want your business card to achieve for your business.

Think about the message you want to communicate to your prospective customers. What can you offer that no one else can? How is your brand different from your competitors? What makes you the right fit for the job?

Keep it Easy to Read

Ensure that the text is easy to read. The primary purpose of your business card is to communicate. Ensure the text isn’t too small, excessively stylised or distorted, otherwise no one will read it.

Another aspect that can improve readability is to include only the essential information. Avoid overcrowding the card with a lot of information. Just include enough information that will pique a reader’s interest.

Consistency is Key

Before you begin designing your business card, you must have decided on your brand identity, typography, and colour scheme. These are the essential pillars of your brand identity. Naturally, they should play a huge role in the style and layout of your business card and must be consistent across your marketing materials and website.

Business Card Printing Experts in the North East

At Metro Repro, we offer fast and affordable business card printing to businesses across the North East. Whether you want to print 100 business cards or 1000, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your business card printing needs. Call 0191 261 1320 now.

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