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Are Business Cards Still Important?

Business cards began their journey in 15th century China and they went mainstream in the 19th century. For over a hundred years, business cards have been the main way to exchange contact details and to establish a connection.

Apart from their practical use, business cards are a great way to showcase your style. With the advent of smartphones and LinkedIn, people began to wonder whether business cards are still relevant.

Here are the top 4 reasons why business cards are still important.

Fastest Way to Provide Your Contact Information

Business cards are the easiest and the quickest way to provide your contact details to someone. One quick flick of your wrist, and you can give your contact information to someone interested in doing business with you.

Although it’s possible to share digital cards via your smartphone, it can get cumbersome and complex, especially when the devices are incompatible.

Make a Lasting Impression

No matter which industry you are in, it’s important to grab the attention of your prospective customers. In today’s digital age, our attention span is very short. So, making an instant impression becomes critical.

A professionally-designed business card grabs the attention of your prospect whilst leaving a lasting impression on them. A stunning logo, aesthetically displayed business details, the use of the right branding colours and fonts will create a professional look and ensure your customers recgonise your brand.

Establish Credibility

You must earn the trust of your prospect before you can ask for a sale. And business cards are an excellent way to earn their trust. After all, they have something tangible in their hand to associate with your brand.

Moreover, when someone has your business card at hand, they can instantly contact you should they have a requirement.

The Perfect Networking Tool

A business card is a networking tool unlike any other. It’s flexible and highly effective. Their simple design makes business cards the perfect way to create connections with anyone. They are lightweight, easy to carry and don’t take much space either. This makes them extremely convenient to carry around not only for you but also for your customers.


Business cards are still relevant in today’s digital world. A business card helps build a personal relationship with your customers. It’s a fantastic marketing tool to build trust, build your brand and communicate your marketing message.

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