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A Designer’s Guide to Poster Printing

Although design and copy are critical aspects of a successful poster, the paper and print quality are equally important. If designing a poster makes you dizzy, printing it will leave you completely disoriented. But fret not. In this designer’s guide to poster printing, we share our top poster printing tips.

Choose the Right Paper

Choose paper stock and weight depending on the design and your needs. Paper stock for poster printing ranges from 130gsm to 350gsm. However, we recommend 150gsm or 170gsmstock paper as they are thicker and durable for outdoor use. The paper weight will also depend on the finish you require.

Design in CMYK

The colours on your computer screen are in RGB as they filter the light coming at you. However, CMYK is the best way to recreate colour in print as printed colours absorb light and reflect the colours. For best results, be sure to design your posters in CMYK rather than RGB.

Get the Resolution Right

Print files are large. Avoid delays in your printing project by supplying files in the right resolution. As a rule of thumb, print files should be designed at 300 DPI. In short, the more the dots filling up the image, the higher the resolution. If the resolution is too low, you will end up with a pixelated and blurred poster. 

Choose the Right Size

Some popular paper sizes for posters include A4, A3 and A2. Sure, you can design your poster in any size you want. However, when you choose a standard size, such as A4 orA3, you will save on printing costs.

Opt for Litho Printing

You have two options for poster printing – litho or digital. If you are looking for the best quality printing, opt for litho printing. However, this option is ideal for large print runs. If you are looking for small print runs, choose digital printing.

Choose the Right Poster Printing Company in North East

For best results, be sure to choose an experienced poster printing company in North East. Here at Metro Repro, we are known for high quality and customised printing services. Whether you are looking to print 100 posters or 10,000 posters, we assure you of high quality, clear poster printing on quality paper stock. Talk to our friendly team to discuss your poster printing job in North East.

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